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Yasssss! It’s another weekend and we are above and beyond excited.

It’s also the first day in the month of loooove, so happy new month guys. We made it through the first month of 2019 and we don’t know about you but, it is definitely worth celebrating.

Most of us already got our paychecks for the month and the excitement may incline us towards splurging but pull on the reigns just a little bit okay?

Yes, we are excited. Yes, we are in a definite turn up mood.

However, it is important to keep in mind, the fact that after the weekend comes a long stretch of days before the next pay.

So how do you have a great TGIF on a budget? Check out these five ways.

Go out in groups

Yes, you read that right. Going out with a group of friends or close colleagues is actually a great way to minimize spending. You maintain a conscious reminder of how much you want to spend because while you may order a small quantity, it doesn’t seem so when your table is crawling with food and drinks.

Also, you will consume less when in a semi-large group because there will  be constant chatter and laughter. So send a group text to your squad right now and make plans.

Organize a grub ‘n’ games

What better way to have a great time than with people you know? Similar to the option above, this is a lot more cozy. Choose an apartment with the largest space and arrange a grub ‘n’ games with your friends.

Divide yourselves into the grubbers and the gamers, the grubbers being those in charge of cooking or buying the food, snacks and drinks and the gamers in charge of setting up the consoles or thinking up cool games.

Munch on finger foods while playing Devil’s basket, twenty-one questions or PES. Simple as it may seem, it is a great money saver that promises a good time. Add some alcohol to the menu and enjoy a night of good ol’ fashioned fun.

Netflix and Chill

Okay relax, it’s not what you think. It is really not.

We are not suggesting that you invite someone over for a movie… and adult chills. Unless, that was your plan.

This TGIF version consists of going to the cinema and grabbing a bite afterwards. You save money and have a good time! Also, this is something you can do either in a group or alone.

If you opt for the solo option, be sure to do a bit of people watching to make the night more fun.

Skip the club… hit the pub

TGIF to most people means strobe disco lights, loud music and the smell of sweaty bodies mixed with smoke. Nuh-huh. We don’t roll that way when we are on a budget.

Unbeknownst to most people, a night out at the club is more expensive than a trip to the bar lounge.

Entry and drinks at a club typically cost more, almost double of what they charge at a lounge. Another pro for the lounge idea is the fact that most bars serve fast foods to aid the drinking.

So this weekend, opt for the mellower fun and secure your wallet.

Road trip!

Exciting? Yes. Fun? You bet. Budget friendly? But of course.

Make a cruise of the entire weekend by going on a road trip to a friend’s place in a nearby state or going home to your parent’s for the weekend.

Just go somewhere that takes triple the time you would use in getting home usually. Make a trip of it with road trip snacks and music. Call up your friends and surprise someone this weekend without breaking the bank.

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