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Most of us go overboard and tend to overlook some things by trying to live healthy. Here are some of the wrong things people do when seeking a healthier lifestyle.

  • Starving yourself to lose weight

Most people think that to lose weight, you have to limit the food you eat or stop eating which is wrong. Starving yourself can slow down metabolism and make you have cravings for junks which are unhealthy.

  • Relying on supplements and vitamin

No matter what is said, supplements are not replacement for real nutritious food, it is just never the same because nutrients cannot be absorbed from pills. So skip the pills and eat a well balanced meal for the best nutrients.

  • Eating too much fruits

In as much as fruits are good, and a healthier alternatives to other sugary food, you should have it in mind that fruits contain natural sugar and should be taken appropriately. Don’t replace foods with fruit, eat both in the right proportions.

  • Taking diet as a short term goal

Eating healthy is more of a lifestyle and people who take quick diet tend to still have weight or health issues. Ensure that your diet is backed up with a feasible work out plan.

  • Forgetting to count calories

You might eat a small portion of food that contain a large number of calories and a large portion of food that contain small number of calories. Have it in mind that it is not the portion of food that matters but the calories.

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