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So, it is annoying and very frustrating when someone comes to me and he/she is like “oh,hey how are you and what are you doing to get busy during this period” and I am like “no oo, my school is not on strike bla bla bla:” and they express their surprise and how my school is the ‘main’ and all that story.

I am not really a fan of how the growth is amazing and stuff . Low-key I am like, ‘baba calm down let me just drop the banger’. When I do, they give me the confused look then end up saying you should be happy you are not just at home on like your mates.

So here is the gist, a partial strike is not as attractive as it sounds, some of my lecturers are on strike while some are not because they belong to another association. Sincerely, I was less bothered.

I am not typically a class person and I enjoyed the free time until an exam time table was released on the eve of Christmas. I thought it was a joke and felt like they couldn’t pull through until it was confirmed.

The funny part is that there can be three lecturers teaching you a course and two of them are on strike and the last person is not. So he /she keeps coming for lectures, while some other department are not even on strike at all. Some other department are in the middle of the semester while some are completely on strike but we are all preparing for an exam.

So most of us are in school, angry and frustrated about the whole thing but cannot do anything but read for the exam and maybe also prepare for test and classes as well.

Halimah Oreoluwa Oloko

StudentHub NG ambassador

Obafemi Awolowo University.

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