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A closet that isn’t home to a pair of jeans is seriously lacking! Denim jeans are available in various shapes, sizes and cuts. From ripped jeans, mum jeans and boot cuts to straight cuts, they are that piece of clothing that almost never go out of fashion.

Every lady’s wardrobe consists of a variety of denim trousers ranging through different colors, prints and style. Having a perfectly fitting pair of jeans can never be underestimated, but how well can you style your jeans? Check out our top four tips on rocking your favorite pair of jeans!

  • Put on some accessories!

Jeans should never be boring, Darling. Pair it up with more beautiful accessories. Think earrings, neck pieces and a pair of heels and you’re good to go. You can also opt for a more comfortable look by pairing your jeans with flats such as trendy sandals, slip on or sneakers and a cute tank, bodysuit or vest. How complicated can that be? With fashion, there’s basically no rule book, so you can always add your “spice” and give it that extra touch.

  • You can never go wrong when you pair your jeans with a blazer

Pair your jeans with a colorful blazer and go from the overly casual look to the perfect date night outfit. Ditch your boring jackets and switch it up with a pair of blazers. It can get better if you have an oversized/boyfriend blazer, just throw in a spaghetti-strap top and you can spend the rest of the evening out and looking as stylish as a magazine model!

  • Denim vs. Denim                                                     

When all looks fail, a denim on denim look would never go wrong. The beautiful thing about denim on denim is that you get several options. You can wear an oversize denim shirt on a perfectly fitted jean and rock it with a pair of sneakers or you tuck your shirt in and rock it with a pair of heels.

  • Let your top do the talking

Wear beautiful shirts and tees and that would give you all the dramatic look that you need. Opt for a tee with a saying or a quote, you can also switch it up with beautiful and comfy round neck tees.

Remember there are no rules to fashion, so pick up your old pair of jeans and start “slaying” with your own style and preferences.

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