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Fashion tips for the non-fashionable

Generation-X has fostered the importance of self-expression through art and lifestyle in ways that have never been attempted –although, a lot of these are recycled from older generations.

As a member of or an adult living in the present times, there is a rather large amount of trends to keep up with.

One of the most criticized trends today, are fashion trends –mostly directed at the non-fashionable individuals.

A basic understanding of fashion can actually be everything you need to wade the ever changing waters of the fashion industry, so what to do when you have a zero-count in anything fashion wise?

When asked, the average anti-fashion person would readily say, ‘I just want to be comfortable, I don’t care how I look’.

Well, in standard fairy godmother style, we have come to save the two sides. In order to prevent you from the tongue-lash of fashion critics and maintain comfort in aesthetics, here are a few fashion tips for the non-fashionable.

1. When all colors fail, use none

One of the hardest parts in being fashion conscious is understanding colors. Whether it is blending, matching, blocking or mixing, it takes an actual fashion enthusiast to get them right. So when you are at a loss for colors to use, simply go mono.
Yup, you read that right! Neutral colors are your easy escape when in a color debacle about what to wear. Monochrome outfits always turn out right, regardless of the designs. Black and white are the perfect match that leave you looking exquisite with great simplicity.
Throw on black pants over a white tee, geometrically designed black and white gown or a white jacket over an all-black outfit. However, whatever, whenever, monochrome has you covered!

2. Less, is not always more

An escape hatch that most non-fashion inclined people use is that, less is more but it isn’t always so. Throwing on a jumper over jeans and sandals is less, true, however it isn’t more for an evening out with friends or a business meeting (unless you are a creative –which isn’t always an excuse either).
Sometimes, you need to put in more effort even as you seek your comfort in style. Keep your jeans and switch out the jumper for a chiffon top when hanging out with your friends or put a blazer over spaghetti-strapped tank tops and heels for a business meeting.
When paired the right way, less can be more!

3. Keep it light, keep it bright!

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Buckle up, this is a bit tricky.
Dressing light is important for comfort, especially when you live in Nigeria. Your dressing should never involve too many heavy articles of clothing but that doesn’t mean you should look drab.
Wear light articles of clothing in a neat order but make sure they look bright, either in colors or pattern and design. When breezy clothes are bright, they give you a very aesthetic appearance and make you look calm.

4. Little things matter

Accessorizing is a very crucial aspect of fashion, and most fail at this. Hack for a non-fashionable person? The little things matter!
Earrings, simple necklaces and knuckle rings go a long way in putting your outfit together. It makes your style subtle and beautiful.
It’s not until you are drowning in bangles and chandeliers that you can look good. A simple set of knuckle rings and a nice bracelet can be everything you need for an amazing outfit.

5. Patterns? Maybe

A suitable option for someone who isn’t excited about fashion but wants to make an effort, is simply Patterns! For this, there is just one thing to remember; never place pattern on pattern.
When wearing a shirt that has a very busy design, pair it with a simple skirt, jeans or pants –and vice versa. Placing one patterned cloth on another creates a distorted look that doesn’t look smooth or aesthetic.
There are people who make patterns on pattern work, but they are usually fashion icons and at such we don’t recommend that you attempt it.
Always remember –patterns don’t go with other patterns.

6. Risk it!

Lastly, and most accurately, try everything out!
You don’t have to wear it all out but, from time to time, pair up the weirdest combinations you can think of or wear an outfit in a color that makes you cringe. You can never predict what will amaze you –positively or negatively.

Above all else, do you! Yes, we know it’s overused but it remains true. The best person you can be is a more defined, enthusiastic version of yourself. So, stay comfortable, stay style-smart!

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