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Fashion trends from 2017 that are riding the waves of 2018!

2018 has seen the best and worst moments of fashion -locally and internationally. As a dynamic and ever evolving industry, it is no surprise that some styles get recycled over the years to be represented in new ways that trend spectacularly.

This year, we’ve seen some amazing and exciting looks emerge from the fashion industry, but the stunning factor is that some of these styles have been carried over from the past year. Some of these fashion styles are still trendy and classic enough to ride the 2018 fashion wave.

In recognition of the magical essence of fashion trends and their lasting value in the industry, we have rounded up a list of fashion trends from 2017 that are still very much alive in 2018.

That said, here are six fashion trends that were introduced in 2017 and are still considered to be on the hot list fashion market of 2018.



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Popularly known as fanny packs, Belt bags were introduced to the street fashion scene in 2017 and they dominated the street style for most of the year. Despite the somewhat controversial reception belt bags had, they are still very much alive and to an extent, they’ve been revamped. These super trendy fashion accessories can be worn by everyone and over time, a lot of fashion enthusiasts and influencers have created acceptable outfit styles for the accesorization of belt bags aka fanny packs.

Like all fashion statement items and trends, fanny packs can not be considered as mass favorites because there are still individuals who consider them to be fashion flaws. Regardless, they always look cool, funky and trendy.

If you want to pair your outfit with a belt bag, all you need to do is to select one that matches your style.





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The right pair of eyeglasses can take your outfit from a 10 to a 100. They are the perfect accessories for any outfit type and at such, changes in the fashion world affected the trends of eyeglasses.

Any fashion conscious individual will admit that these funky looking glasses made major waves last year when they hit the fashion scene. These slim striking glasses came into the fashion scene as an urban fashion trend, although they were featured on some high end runways.  Currently they are fashion favorites among street style bloggers and celebrities alike.




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The women’s fashion scene went all out in the past year and it featured some trends that were downright bold and daring with striking colors, designs and prints. Like the female race, these trends were confident, intriguing and spectacularly beautiful.

One of these trends were statement suits which really took off towards the end of 2017 and are still catching eyes with the looks and colors. These suits are made with daring designs that range from cutesy cute to jaw dropping brilliance. Some of these suits feature intricate designs while others make statements with style and colors.







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Statement earrings were a huge thing in 2017 and are still very much in vogue for 2018. It is a perfect accessory for adding an eye catching touch to a standard day outfit or glamming up for a night time look.

These earrings are designed with the daring woman in mind. They feature huge chandeliers with some having intricately designed details. In 2018, the ante has been increased a notch as the boldness has been tuned up.

Any and everyone can pull off bold earrings, all you have to do is find a pair that suits your personal style.






Wide legged trousers also popularly known as boot-cut trousers made it to the fashion scene last year after being extincted in the 90’s and early 2000’s. They came back to the scene with a major bang and it appears that they are here to stay!

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In 2017, they were a rave due to the nostalgic effect they had but now, in 2018, they have become a huge fashion trend. They have quickly become a favorite for fashion bloggers, celebrities and important personalities. The interesting thing about boot-cuts is how they can be pulled off by just anybody, so long as they are paired with the right tops and shoes. They are a sure way to look chic and stylish without seeming like you put in more effort than necessary.



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Vintage shirts made a huge come back in 2017 as a throwback of sorts. They are aesthetic and it gives you the cool vibe!. These super trendy shirts can be worn with almost everything – boyfriend jeans, boot cuts, Jean skirts- and by everyone. Unsurprisingly, they are still very much alive in 2018 and they come in various patterns, designs and colors. All you have to do is choose a design that matches your personal style and you can stun in a cool vintage shirt with your favorite pair of jeans.

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