A glowing skin can do wonders for your self esteem but considering the weather conditions and environmental standards, it may seem almost impossible to achieve excellent skin color.

We can all agree that going natural with your skin care routine is the healthiest way to maintain your skin.

Most of the counter-top skin care products that are available for purchase contain harmful ingredients that are not advisable for use on the skin, worse yet is that these off-the-shelf products often cost more than their worth and they end up doing more harm than good.

Taking care of your skin shouldn’t be a reason to break the bank and time is not an excuse for bad skin treatment because if you can spare 10 minutes to style your hair, then you can most definitely spare 5 minutes prepping your skin for the harsh weather.

Natural homemade remedies for your skin are easy to make (DIY) and you have the certainty that comes with knowing there are no hidden ingredients that could cause a negative skin reaction.

In this article, we have put together a list of foods that you can easily get in your kitchen and use in making natural remedies to acquire radiant, flawless skin.



This is a common favorite among people that are enthusiastic about their skins.

Lemon has lightening properties that are effective enough to lighten dark areas and remove black heads.

The mixture of one teaspoon spoon of sugar and a halved lemon can be rubbed on the elbows, knees and knuckles to lighten them.

You can also grind lemon peels and add to oatmeal to make an effective face and body scrub.

Be sure to use a moisturizer afterwards because lemon leaves a dry effect on the skin after use.

If you feel burning or tingling sensation during use, rinse off immediately and rub Ice cubes on the affected areas.




Cucumber is a natural skin lightener and toner.

The water from the fruit can be used as a soothing astringent to cleanse the skin.

You can also grate the cucumber and apply to your skin to fade black spots, smooth wrinkles and apply to your hands to soften them.

Slices of cucumber can be placed on closed eyelids to soothe the eyes and fade dark circles.




Unknown to most, honey has excellent moisturizing properties.

It hydrates the skin without causing it to be sweaty, leaving it soft, radiant and glowing.

Apply a generous amount of honey to your face with a cotton wool or the pad of your fingers and leave it on for 20mins before rinsing it off with Lukewarm water.

It also helps in tackling acne.




Eggs are an everyday consumption for most people.

Eggs are rich in protein and albumin which has skin toning properties when applied directly to the skin and gives a wrinkle free skin.

Egg whites are perfect for tightening pores and deep cleansing the skin.

For fine lines around the eyes, apply egg whites and leave to dry completely before washing off with cold water.




Other than making mean stews, tomatoes can actually help you achieve flawless skin.

They are acidic in nature hence, helping in reducing excess oiliness on the skin.

Rub sliced tomatoes on your face regularly to help you reduce large pores.

Also, due to its lightening properties, it can be used on dark areas to fade blemishes and reduce black heads.




Raw sliced potatoes are an excellent blemish remover.

Juice from grated potatoes can also act as a skin tightener and toner.

For a cleansing mask mix an halved lemon, a tablespoon of oatmeal and ¾ cup of milk with some grated potatoes.

Apply on your face, leave on for a few minutes and rinse off with lukewarm water.




Aloe Vera has great rejuvenating effects on the skin and also, it helps to moisturize the hair.

Aloe Vera gel can be massaged directly onto the skin to soothe and rejuvenate a tired looking face.

It can also be used to tackle acne and reduce face redness.


Now that you’re familiar with some of the natural ingredients for skin, you can go ahead in creating the perfect skin care regime and be on your way to flawless skin in no time!

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