Popular Nollywood Actor, Gbenro Ajibade took to social media yesterday to give his wife, who is also an actor and TV Presenter, a “Final Warning” about her apparent recent behavior towards the child and in the marriage.

The actor claims that his wife abandons their child, multiple times, just to attend social gatherings. Ajibade commented on the fact that she stays out late and only returns in the early hours of the morning leaving their child and nanny with strangers to be dropped off at the house.

He includes that he has tried to involve both sides of the family to interfere inn the situation of her partying habits but she has refused to heed to their warnings.

He explained that he understands the consequences of posting their marital issues on social media but he felt that was the only way to get to her since that is all she cares about, according to him.

He finally threatens to return from the US to take custody of his daughter, claiming to be immune to his wife’s “crocodile tears and hypocrisy” and would do so if she refuses to change.

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