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HAPPY NEW MONTH #Reassessing the ⅔

Yes, Yes, we know we are a few days late!

What’s goooooood?!

We welcome all you beautiful people to the month of August.

This is the official benchmark for summer 2019, but it is also the last month in the second-quarter of the year!

2019 has been a race for the swift, smart and savvy.

At this point, if you are yet to achieve any of your plans or goals for the year, you need to reassess them.

Check those goals for feasibility and be brutally honest about it!

Are they still achievable in these next four months? Do you have the resources to pull those plans off without severe discomfort?

If you answer No, to both questions, then you need to set out new plans that are achievable and time-oriented.

Being generally productive in the year allows you to look back in retrospection with a light heart, not wondering ‘what if I had?’


It’s Summer SZN people!

Go out,

Have fun,

Spend wisely,

Stay safe,

…and once again,

Happy New Month!!!

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