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He loves me… he loves me not #relationshiptalk

 Modern day relationships have slowly gone beyond the mere basics of affection and devotion. The inclusion of social media standards and ever constant need to keep up a digital presence reduce the validity of emotions.

Let us illustrate a scenario for clarity.

Seyi is a software engineer in his mid-20s. He met Ifeoma on a blind date organized by his friends and hers. The blind date was cut short by an emergency Seyi had to deal with so they didn’t get to know each other properly, but they exchanged contact details.

Ifeoma is a public relations officer in her early 20s. She wasn’t sure of Seyi from their first meeting at the mall, but after weeks of constant texting and occasional calls, she was sure of her feelings for him.

She just couldn’t say the same for him.

He seemed to tick every item on her checklist for the perfect boyfriend. Yet, the fact that they’d not been able to arrange another meeting since their first meant that she couldn’t be sure that their physical chemistry would match the online.

Still, it was important that she verified. The final and most important item on her checklist was virtual compatibility. Her relationship had to be nothing short of #GOALSSS and #COUPLEGOALS. For that to be possible, their physical chemistry had to be off charts.

While she enjoyed their virtual banter and flirtation, one question begged at the back of her mind, “he loves me… he loves me not?”

This story is relative to the average Nigerian man or lady in the dating sphere. It is a situation that anyone attempting to date in the 21st century has found themselves at one point or the other.

Trying to validate the feelings of the other person.

Most often, it’s advisable to just wait it out and see if they confess. If you’re not patient, then it is fine to be direct and inquire.

Either way, it is important to remember that your feelings should be considered first and foremost.

Don’t compromise in a situation that won’t benefit you and always go for the option that guarantees your happiness.

Base your relationship on your personal standards, not what social media dictates because, at the end of the day it is YOU that’s going to be in the relationship.

It’s summer, remember to live, laugh, love… and have fun!

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