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Physical fitness is one of the most over-hyped, yet underrated things. Just as it is important to keep your body in good shape, a lot of people end up doing it for the worst possible reasons.

Not to dispute valid reasons like health demands and personal decisions. We’re just saying, fitness doesn’t mean being ridiculously carved out of skin and muscle. You have to draw a line between good enough and too much!

Things are getting a bit murky right?

Okay, here are five checkpoints to make sure you’re doing enough to keep it fit!

  • Lifestyle

Your lifestyle is the first checkpoint in guaranteeing that your workout is effective, not hazardous. If you are a heavy drinker, junk junkie or party animal, those are red flags that may hinder your fitness.

Matching those red flags with a gym rat habit is a recipe for danger! You can’t even out heavy drinking in the club with heavy lifting in the gym, it doesn’t work that way.

  • Health status

Most people neglect their checkups but would jump to the gym at the slight mention of added weight. Half the time, their workout is doing more harm than they are aware of.

Strenuous workout sessions can trigger health conditions which may have been recessive.

So, before you start your reps, check your vitals.

  • Diet

The biggest misconception about being fit revolves around the use of a ‘diet’. From zero carbs to Keto and even a strict protein diet, people go to extreme lengths to follow a supposed ‘fitness rulebook.

However, some of these diets aren’t medically advisable due to the sheer amount of illness they can instigate.

The body needs certain nutrients to function positively, depriving it of those nutrients and losing more through strenuous workout sessions is like shooting yourself in the leg.

  • Duration

It is actually surprising to realize that some people put in more dedication to their workout routines than they do to their personal life. A workout session should be between 30mins to 1 hour. Yet, you may find some people in the gym going for as long 2 hours, driving the body to its sheer limits.

Excessive workout sessions are not going to be of any help, instead they may lead to a tragic state of exhaustion and fatigue.

  • Schedule and Intensity

A standard workout for fitness should mostly involve exercises that you can replicate outside the gym. This should be done at most four times (once a day) or three times (twice a day) in a week. When the workout begins to stretch into daily routines that are intensive, it is leaning towards extremity.

Simply know when to reduce the intensity and minimize your workout schedule to make sure it doesn’t interfere with your personal and professional activities.

We hope that makes our argument clearer. Unless, you want a career as a bodybuilder, there is no reason to drive your body to exhaustion getting muscles.

Just keep it fit!

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