Money Management (Gaining Financial Freedom)

Money Management like many important things in life, requires discipline which is not a natural mental state for everyone. A whole lot of us cringe at the thought of budgeting or any thing that involves organizing of finances. However, establishing good habits is easier said than done.

There are some relatively simple steps we can take to change our money mind set positively.

  •  Understand your money mindset

Everyone has different mindset when it comes to money, either positive or negative which tend to affect your decision making. It is best to know your attitude towards money by keeping track of the thoughts you have when it comes to decision making. Understanding the pattern can help identify habits that affect your ability to stick to goals and plans regarding money.

  •  Become aware of your spending

Just like dieting, when you feel overwhelmed, you act out by giving into your craving but for money, when you feel restricted from sticking to a strict budget, you lash out by swiping your card and buying unnecessary things. In other to be aware of your spending and not feel restricted, you can try to save your receipts and cross check them at the end of the month. It will help make decisions when next you want to go over board. You can also keep a spending book where you write out your expense for the day.

  •  Create a save to spend account

Have this special account that you use when you want to spoil yourself so you don’t feel deprived. Put a little token there frequently for something you love. It helps from self sabotaging purchases.

  •  Change your mindset on debt

As much as having debts is not a good habit, some debts are inevitable but what makes it better is ensuring to clear them. Debt, when used for investment or something positive can be considered value added to one’s life without paying for yet.

  •  Use automatic saving apps

This are apps that regularly take money from account and deposit it into savings. It makes it easier for you as the aspect of saving is covered. Apps like Piggy Bank,Cowry rise amongst others. You could also make the traditional “kolo”.

  • Invest Your Money

The saying, “Money begets money” can be made possible if you use your present income to generate more income by investing in several businesses that have potentiality. Investing is not a get rich-quick-scheme but a way to consistently grow the wealth you already have, providing you select the right investment like stock market, gold, real estate. The goal is to ensure that you have several sources of income.

So start your year by managing your money effectively.

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