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The new year is finally here, and it comes with retrospection and reevaluation of some of our life choices. New year resolutions are guidelines that help put you in focus to achieve certain goals. Below is a list of feasible new year resolutions with tips on how to stick to them.

  • Quit procrastinating

Procrastination happens to be one of the biggest barriers that keep most people from reaching their goals. Most of the things we procrastinate about are simple things that can be completed quickly. Make a resolution to break the bad habit and improve your time management.

  • Start saving 

A lot of people make the mistake of saving money just to spend extravagantly. Savings should be directed towards long term goals. So get ready to prepare a healthy budget for the new year.

  • Stay healthy

Does the statement “I will visit the hospital when I am sick” ring a bell?, well this applies to a whole lot of us. Start visiting the doctor for a regular general check up no matter how healthy you feel. That is the only way to be certain of your state of health. Prevention, they say, is better than cure.

  • Reinvent yourself

If you have gotten to that point where nothing seems to make you happy, it is time to make some changes in your life. Reinventing yourself can give you a new perspective to life and take you through directions you never even considered.

  • Face your fears and insecurities 

The goal here, is to make sure you survive and take control of your fears so that they do not bring you down. This will help you to fight off any insecurities that you might have.

  • Maintain good and healthy habits

In the process of acquiring new habits, it is important that you stick to the good habits you have adopted till they become a natural part of you.

  • Keep a Journal

Journals are powerful tools for organizing thoughts, plans, achievement and getting in touch with your true feeling and wants. 

  • Pick up a hobby

Hobbies can lower your stress levels and improve your ability to focus. So, pick a hobby that is going to keep you busy, active and creative.

  • Start being more responsible

A big part of being an adult is the ability to think carefully and logically before making any decision. It is also important to take responsibility for ones actions and not push blames to others. 


Now the most important thing is not the resolutions rather, ensuring they are fulfilled. A lot of us start the new year with resolutions but we end up ignoring them. Here are a few tips to help fulfill our resolutions.

  • Keep things simple

Our goals should be taken one step at a time by breaking a big goal into smaller objectives and milestones so we do not feel pressured or rushed.

  • Write down your resolutions

Put them into writing and include logical steps.

  • Mark your achievements

Each time you make progress to reach your goals, celebrate it to keep yourself motivated.

  • Make them public

Share your resolutions with one or more reliable persons so they can help you stay on track. Letting them in on your dreams can help make it into reality.

  • Make small changes

To achieve certain goals, you must be able to make sacrifices no matter how small and uncomfortable they are. The end result should be the focus.



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