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Holidays celebrations are the perfect excuse to binge eat and stuff yourself to the brim with all kinds of delicacies, leaving you with calories which can be difficult to wade off.

The munchies during the festivities can get quite addicting, making it harder and trickier than it should be for you to go back to your normal eating routine after the holidays.

We will be giving you a few tips and pointers on how to get you back to body goals. 

Do not skip meals

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In the bid to lose all the calories you have racked up, you may be tempted to start skipping meals; which is absolutely futile. Continue eating steadily but not as much as you ate during the festivities. Skipping meals would only make you hungrier and grumpy.

Snack Healthy

Substitute unhealthy snacks for healthy options such as proteins and healthy carbs that are energizing and filling. Turn to dried nuts and vegetables to curb your cravings, instead of fries and burgers. 


Reduce your soda and alcohol intake

Soft drinks and beers are a major source of weight gain. If possible, stay off them, and opt for more healthier choice of drinks -or just drink water! 

Keep busy and moving

Being active is one of the most efficient ways to burn calories and aid in weight loss. Make it a point to always have something to do and sweat the numbers off. You could go for a stroll or rearrange the house -anything fun, active and engaging. 

Hit the gym and burn the calories off

Make a commitment, work on it and stick by it. You do not have to go hard at the gym. You could start with a basic 15 minutes run on the treadmill and gradually increase the pace. Just have an achievable goal in mind and workout towards it. 

Above it all, be patient and let your body take the needed time to adjust and function properly. 

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