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The Sachet (Pure) Water Industry in Nigeria plays a huge role as the source of drinking water for the average Nigerian today , which is rather evident in the litters of waste around the country but how did this product get into the Nigerian market?

The First Sachet Water company is said to be linked as far back as 1993 to a company called Olumo Water, deriving its name from the Rock in Abeokuta, Ogun state. It was eventually brought to Lagos where it gained so much popularity.

In 1994, Late Sir Isaac Adeagbo Akinpade launched the manufacturing of his sachet water product called, DIL Pure Water under his earlier established manufacturing company, Deagbo Industry Limited.

Business analysts believe that the sachet (pure) water business will keep on thriving because it is on high demand and many Nigerians cannot do without it in their daily activities. Reason being that, it is extremely affordable and easily accessible in traffic, from hawkers and roadside shops.

Some other Sachet Water companies you may know:

  1. Aqua Rapha Sachet Water popularly known in Enugu.
  2. MAB Pure Water Limited in Lagos.
  3. Terry G Pure Water.
  4. Cubby Water.

Needless to say, Sachet water, or Pure water as some may know it, remains the most refreshing source of drinking water for many Nigerians till today!



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