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Treating yourself to a rewarding spa day is one of the best things you can give yourself after a long period of stress and hustle. A lot of people shy away from spa visits because of the rumored expenses involved but the reality is, spa treatments are very affordable. However, that is a topic for another day!

Today, we are going to give you a few tips to make sure the whole day is a complete relaxation process. With that said, here are six things to check off when you are going for a spa day!

  • Clear your schedule for the day.

The last thing you would want during the ‘you time’ is any form of interference. If you can, have a backup plan with someone who is reliable, perhaps a friend, colleague or even family that would attend to emergencies that may arise while you enjoy a relaxing, stress-free day.

  • Exfoliate your skin.

It serves to prepare for whatever treatment is to come on your skin at the spa. You can refer to our beauty & skincare article to find a DIY sugar exfoliation recipe, if you didn’t arrange for an exfoliation treatment with the spa. This exfoliation allows your pores to be open and ready to receive pampering. It also means that you would be going to the spa without makeup, although you can put on a lip balm as alternative to lip gloss.

  • Turn off all gadgets!

When you walk into the breathtaking and relaxing ambience of the spa, there would be a temptation to bring out your phone and take one for the gram. DO NOT INDULGE, because taking one for the gram would turn to taking 50 and then into responding to viewers’ replies. Eventually you would not be able to savor the true essence of the moment. Take it as one of those few moments to be enjoyed in secret by yourself. Let it be your guilty pleasure.

  • Try as much as possible to dress light.

Remember that this is the time to do away with all the extravagance of your everyday lifestyle. For a guy; T-shirt, Shorts, Sandals and sunglasses would do while for the ladies; a simple dress, slippers and sunglasses would do. Depending on what the plan is, you could carry along a small gym back including lotion, towel, a bottle of water and swimsuits in case the location offers a swimming pool.

  • Make arrangements for a private form of transport.

If you don’t own a personal car, you could look into hiring a cab or renting a car. You wouldn’t want a situation where you just got the best full body massage in the history of full body massages only to return home in a Danfo or any other form of public transport.

  • Lastly but most importantly, have extra cash on you.

There’s no feeling as secure as knowing you have “vex money” to bail you out when you need it the most. This tip will always come in handy not only for a spa day, but for any outing anywhere in the world. Having your ATM card is also helpful but having cash will always save you.

We hope these tips will come in handy and make YOUR TIME at the spa a splendid one!



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