He loves me… he loves me not #relationshiptalk

It is a situation that anyone attempting to date in the 21st century has found themselves at one point or the other.


It’s Valentine’s season and guess what? There is no better way to have fun than to whisk your loved one away on an enchanting break (possibly without the kids) in a


Today is one of the most controversial celebrations in modern times. There are the pro-valentine and the antis who treat the whole fuss in two extremes. The pros are obviously


Happy Valentine’s day people! Cupid has been making the rounds this week and we also caught the bug. Couples with plans and singles alike, we have come up with the

The ultimate question: What are we?

‘We are humans’ What?! Lara was shocked. She couldn’t believe her ears. This was Tunde, the same guy that had compared her skin to the morning sun and her eyes to stars

What’s love got to do with getting some?

‘I’m in love with you.’ She busted out in hysterics, clapping her hands as she shook her head. He was floundering for words. That wasn’t the response he expected. ‘Charlie

What’s left when things don’t go right?

Lucy was the perfect girlfriend— or so her last boyfriend told her. Her current boyfriend wasn’t of that idea at all. He always had things to complain or correct about