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Ten things every Nigerian student can relate to!

Being a student is an experience that can only be understood by someone who is/was a student. The location, level or system of education may differ but there are certain common grounds between students all across the country.

In no particular order, check out these things every Nigerian student should relate to!

  1. Hello? What are you talking about? Share with the class!

…basically the worst thing anyone can hear while chit-chatting.

2. Since nobody wants to talk, XYZ what’s the answer?

eskizz me ma, if I knew, I would have raised my hand na!

3.  Staying up vs. Sleeping off

When it comes to assignments, tests or exams, this is WORLD WAR IV!

4. There’s assignment? Which assignment? When did they give us?

Only God that can safe me now!

5. OWU… aka General Penury

That moment when the only available provision is Garri… and maybe, biscuits.

6.  Please sign the attendance for me.

Only OGs come through for other OGs… if you know, you know

7.  Can I photocopy/snap your note?

National Assembly of Lazy students.

8. Taking pictures of the board/projector instead of notes.

Because we can’t come and go and kill ourselves away.

9. Overnight reading

Exams, Tests and Term papers? Only one answer -overnight way!

 10. Exam fever

That fear that comes with the official exam timetable!

Which ones can you relate to?

Which ones have you never heard of?

Let us know in the comments section.

Add yours too!

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