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One name that cannot be left out in the revolutionary hall of fame for fluidity representation in Nigerian/African male fashion is our MCM, Denola Adepetun, also known as Dénola Grey.

DÉNOLA is a freelance fashion consultant, writer, professional fashion muse, TV host and an on-air multimedia personality.

He grew up in Nigeria till age 18 when he left for college education in the United States. It was upon his return back to the country that he launched his photo blog/website.

The quality of the content, aesthetic of his style and all-round creativity made the launch a huge success, especially on the Nigerian fashion scene.

Not long after the start of his fashion blogging, he started freelancing for BellaNaija as a writer in Mens’ style. That was the landmark beginning for his fashion freelancing, although he was/is a dream model for almost every fashion photographer and designer.

A sight for sore eyes, Dénola Grey soon became a co-host on the Ebony Life show EL Now! He subsequently got casted as Benjamin Castle in the Ebony Life legal show ‘Castle and Castle’ alongside RMD and a host of other A-list actors.

The most intriguing thing about Dénola Grey goes beyond his amazing résumé and plops us jaw-dropped into how great he is at everything he does.

His fashion style –purely aesthetic, reflective and perfectly fluid.

His modelling –seamlessly beautiful

His presenting/hosting –effortlessly perfect

Need more reasons to fall in love with this beauty?

Here’s one that consistently shocks people. His personality!

Believe it or not.

Though some of his pictures make him look incredibly fierce and hard-hearted, Dénola Grey is a beautiful person inside and out.

His personality is so cheery and when he laughs, you can’t help but smile at the sound.

Talk about perfection right?

There you have it, our top reasons to love this hardworking young man!

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