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The Perfect Playlist For Your Week!

Mondays are the Hercules’ heels to every human being –from students, to corporate workers and entrepreneurs.

It practically signifies the start of a new bout of stress, deadlines and pressure from different angles.

However, the only reason some people have a better time during the week than others do, is because of their mindset.

When entering a new week, it is important to prepare yourself physically, in terms of material things like plans and schedules, and mentally.

A great way to prepare yourself mentally, in order to ensure a great week, is MUSIC!

Yes, you read that right.

The right songs can prepare your mind for whatever obstacles the new week might bring –or the leftover stress from the last.

Here’s a playlist of great songs to clear your mind and set it right for the week!

C’mon, what better way to start off than with some Burna fire?!

Just make sure you don’t literally knack am something! That could turn the week…

Express yourself Mami, dance your sorrows away Mami… Yawa dey make man sad, but my brother dance.

Need we say more?

Good vibes, Good energy. That’s it.

This week, in one way or another, has to do with securing bag. Here’s your mantra for the mission!

Make every moment, one for celebration… with Falz as your pilot!

…because you are a star and this is the best way to remind yourself this week!

Bring the tempo down, increase the vibe and bob your head along with this sweetness!

If they are saying it, then you’d best believe it… keep the bad energy farrrrrr away from this week!

All in all, remain thankful for the journey, the earnings… friends who take off heavy load!

Wrap it up nicely with Simi’s literal joyful energy because goodness and mercy follow me (you) everyday!

There you have it!

The right energy, the perfect tempos.

We wish you a peaceful, productive week!

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