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The split between tea and water, on which is healthier, is an argument that never seems to end. According to, tea is second to water in terms of consumption but is it really? Health can be defined as a sound state of mind, body and soul and both liquids can achieve this but each benefit serves a different purpose.


  • Our bodies contain about 60% of water which is why ultimately we need water to survive but aside from that, its purity allows the body to consume and process it immediately also helping the body to excrete toxins through urine and sweat. This similarity is also present in tea because it possesses antioxidants that keep off toxins in the body.
  • Tea contains a reasonable amount of caffeine to keep your energy up. Water on the other hand keeps your cells and body hydrated therefore supplying oxygen that gives energy around the body.
healthy green tea cup with tea leaves
  • Both Tea and Water clear up nasal airways and congestion, ease headaches, menstrual cramps and calm the nerves. They reduce the risks of stroke and heart attack. The chances of your skin becoming tighter and clearer could also be higher if you take these two very seriously. They help to regulate body temperature and help the flow of saliva and mucus, leaving you with a healthy and fresh breath.
  • Moreover, Tea has a lot of benefits that Water does not provide. For one, it can reduce the risks of diseases such as Parkinson’s, Cancer, Arthritis and it has even been speculated to be a suppressive treatment for HIV although this is still under research. It is quite obvious that water cannot have such effects on these diseases because the presence of certain nutrients or substances, if you will, is required to achieve this which water does not possess.

From the argument so far, Tea should be the winner of this battle because the things water can fix, so can tea while on the other hand, it’s not everything tea can fix, that water can.

However, the biggest flaw in “almighty” tea is the presence of caffeine which according to research, can affect the kidney and bladder if consumed excessively. Water in its purest form actually has the power to cleanse the kidney. As a matter of fact, an insufficient amount of water in the body can lead to other kidney diseases such as Kidney Stones. The kidney is designed to filter up to 150 quarts of water every day and just in case you didn’t know, it costs $100,000 (3.6 million Naira) to get a kidney transplant. That alone emphasizes its importance.

For this sole reason, Water takes the win! Although, this does not diminish the power of tea.

If you are on a journey to total health, then it is advisable to consume both. There is no fixed amount of water suitable for consumption but it is advisable to drink at least 3 liters of water every day. And for tea, one bag a day (same bag for your morning cup of tea and your night cup of tea) is enough to sustain good health except if your health practitioner advises otherwise.

So drink tea, drink more water and live healthy!




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