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The fourth edition of Big Brother Naija (BBN) has been on for 22days and as usual, the show hasn’t disappointed with its drama and hilarious moments.

Several housemates have been evicted and the tension has up-scaled.

As expected, some of the contestants have ‘loved up’ and there are a few pairings we can now officially call a couple.

Check out our top three couples from the #pepperdem crew.


This first couple was a bit of a dramafest in the house. Up until last Sunday, the eviction show, when Tuoyo was asked to leave the house, he and Diane were getting really close.

It was dramatic thanks to Tuoyo’s intense PDA, he went as far as asking BIG BROTHER for flowers to give his love interest, and Diane’s obvious interest in Nelson -a different housemate.

However, when Nelson became expressive and friendly with other female housemates, Diane got closer with Tuoyo.

Much to viewer’s dismay, because he was one of the most exciting housemates to watch, Tuoyo was then evicted on Sunday night.

We can only wonder what is to become of the still-blooming relationship,

or will Diane go back to Nelson?


One of the most cool-headed members of the #pepperdem gang, Ike’s aura has endeared him to a good number of viewers.

This affection only went further when it became obvious that two beautiful ladies in the house wanted to be in his radar -Ella and Mercy.

However, Mercy laid claims early and he reciprocated WELL!

It definitely helps that they look super cute together!

What’s left, is to see if they become the next BamBam and Teddy A or Nina and Miracle (Oops).


These two are our current and most feisty heartthrobs in the house!

The police woman seemed detached at first, but she has openly admitted to her feelings for Gedoni and their chemistry is off the charts.

We like the fact that two matured people are hitting it off in the house and their maturity was proved further when Khaffi approached him to talk about their relationship.

They had a decent conversation about the distance between them, following the exit of his ex (kimoprah) and Gedoni said he would make sure he does not make her feel like he’s using again.

*insert heart-eyes*

We love the ship name too…


What do you think?

Are these your top pairings too? Let us know in the comments section below.

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