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Memories are precious, and most often unplanned.

This is the case of Bassey Etuokong (Bankole Wellington), heir and certified rebel who finds love, friendship and acquires valuable life lessons during his service year up north.

2018 saw some of the best productions from Nollywood. There was evident progress in directing, screenplay and videography. UP NORTH didn’t come up short in the league of movies that made waves. Following the announcement and trailer release mid-2018, a lot of people eagerly awaited its release.

Throes of fans and movie enthusiasts have been gracing cinemas since the official release on the 28th of December, 2018. Banky W and his wife Adesua Etomi-Wellington were one of the reasons why the first showing of the movie drew so much attention –it was the first time they were on the same set since The Wedding Party 2.

Directed by Tope Oshin, Up North tells the seldom-seen coming of age Nollywood narrative. At 30 years old, Bassey Etuokong was still a rebellious heir and his father was having none of it anymore. Hence, allowance slash and worse …or should we say better? NYSC in Bauchi State!!!

The movie centers on Bassey’s journey to discipline and self-awareness through his NYSC experience. While this is a relatively new direction to projecting positivity, Up North fell short of excitement in the storyline and execution.

There was no true moment of climax and the main act’s love interest seemed even more far-fetched than the supporting acts Some things that were absolutely flawless in the entire production were; the location choices, geographical aesthetics and of course, the music selection.

Despite the relative simplicity, Up North was a great attempt by the Anakle and Inkblot Production teams to bring something new to our screens. (We just wanted a little bit more!)

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