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Culinary is the ultimate art of all that is kitchen and cooking related. Seeing as food is the basic human need, it is a little wonder that we aren’t paying enough attention to the art that goes behind it.

In appreciation of the best thing in the world, aka Food, we are starting a world culinary series that is taking you around the world on a national delicacies tour.

To begin our journey,

Did you know that there are 11 countries whose names begin with the letter ‘A’ in the world?

If you haven’t seen it yet, here is the world through the national dishes of these countries.

  • Afghanistan

Rice dishes are mostly common in this country. Each dish is prepared with a variety of ingredients and styles but, the national dish is called Qabili Pulau. This is steamed rice made with fried raisins and shredded carrots. It is usually served with a side of vegetables, meat or beans.

Another Afghan national dish is their local pasta, Mantu, which is actually dumplings with meat fillings and an absolute local delight.

  • Azerbaijan

The national food for Azerbaijan is quite similar to the Afghanistan because of the Indian influence on each culture. Plov or Pilaf is also a rice dish flavored with saffron, meat, onions, prunes, dry fruits, fresh herbs and eggs. Although, this is just one recipe because Pilaf is said to have over 40 different recipes!

Dolma is another national Azeri dish. It is cabbage wraps stuffed with rice and other condiments.

  • Angola

Calulu with a side of Funge is the staple food in Angola. Personally, I have had the opportunity to taste this delicacy made by my Angolan friends and it was quite familiar. Calulu is a soup dish consisting of leafy vegetables, meat, palm oil and Okra while Funge is made from cassava or maize and is equivalent to what other African countries may know as Fufu or Amala.

  • Albania

The country of Albania is divided into three regions. The North, Central and Southern region. Each region has their own staple food although Tave Kosi is the dish recognized throughout the country. It is a rice dish served with baked lamb and flavored yogurt sauce.

  • Armenia

The only thing most people know about Armenia is that, it is the home country of the Kardashians.

However, Armenian dishes are an important part of their culture. Basturma Mezze is usually served before every meal, Mezze meaning a platter of appetizers including different small dishes and cured meat. While Basturma is thinly cut meat that is included in the cured meat platter. Other dishes include Khoravat -babecued meat usually served with a side of baked potatoes.

  • Andorra

Mostly eaten during Winter and special occasions, Escudella is a meaty stew dish that includes meatballs, Chicken, Veal, butifarra sausage, Pig snout and trotters, chickpeas, white beans, cabbages and potatoes.

  • Austria

The national dish in Austria is called Weiner Schnitzel made from boneless Veal (meat from Calves). It is cut thinly and coated with flour, egg and breadcrumbs before frying. It is usually served with a side of vegetables.

  • Antigua and Barbuda

Fungee with pepper is the national food of the Caribbeans in Antigua and Barbuda -sounds like they share something in common with Angola!. Fungee is made from cornmeal and eaten with pepper sauce. It could be served along with vegetables or meat.

  • Argentina

Asados is a dish packed with all sorts of barbecued meat; ribs, steak, sausages and sweetbread. This delicacy is popularly among the residents of the country making it the national dish.

  • Algeria

Served as the national dish, Couscous perfectly complements any Algerian dish. It is usually eaten with meat or vegetables

  • Australia

Roast Lamb recently became the country’s national dish. Yes, recently.

A national poll had to be carried out where residents voted the meal to be the recognized national dish. It is usually served alongside vegetables, potatoes or pastries.

Previously, the Australian Meat Pie was and is still recognized as the national food, just not officially.

There you have it! 11 countries, 11 dishes, 1 post.

Next week we hit the B’s, till then, stay bright and eat right!


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